Health & Medical

Please remember to keep the school up-to-date with any medical conditions your child has and any emergency medication they may need. You can call reception, write a signed note in their school planner, or complete the Medical Information Updated Form at the end of this page.

Medical Conditions

If your child is suffering from any Medical Condition, please ensure that the school is informed. You can write a letter or fill in a medical form, which can be obtained from the front reception. Please update us if there are any changes in your child’s circumstances. We are happy to liaise with medical staff if they wish to make contact with us. Extra care should be taken if your child is to attend any activity out of school. Please ensure that the lead member of staff organising the activity is fully informed of all medical matters including symptoms to look out for, medication and its administration, and also instructions if an emergency should occur.

Medication can be left at Student reception – please ensure that it is correctly labelled and that reception staff clearly understand how and when it is to be administered. Please monitor the dates for the usage of medication.

Accessibility Around School

Learning4Life-gy is a staggered school with lots of stairs! If your child ever suffers an injury which would make it difficult for them to walk around the school (e.g. if they have crutches or a limb is bandaged or plastered) please contact the school immediately. The Pastoral Team will undertake a risk assessment and determine which classes are accessible – The use of the lifts may be authorised.

Some classes may be inaccessible and your child may have to work in the school’s Dining Hall at these times. In some exceptional circumstances, it may be more appropriate for your child to remain at home; the Pastoral Team will ensure that work is forwarded to them. We would be most grateful to have information regarding your child’s condition from a health professional.

Allergy Aware

Attention all learners and parents! Please note that we are NOT a nut-free site. As cooking lessons take place in our school, we want to ensure everyone’s safety. We kindly request that individuals with severe nut allergies take necessary precautions and bring their own alternatives. We are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all. Let’s continue to prioritize safety and inclusivity as we embark on our culinary adventures.

Medical Information Update Form


Medical Information Update Form

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