Student Voice

Student Reps & Voice

At Learning4Life-Gy, every student is encouraged to take on positions of responsibility and explore the different pathways to ignite their aspirations. We aim to support students by developing their understanding of their career options and providing opportunities to gain real-life experience, enabling learners to make informed decisions and feel equipped for their chosen route, with an array of desirable attributes under their belt.

Learning4Life-Gy leadership roles

Student Reps are an invaluable part of the school community. It is an opportunity for the young people in our community to develop the skills that will enable them to make a difference. They learn the value of being a servant-leader and the importance of focusing primarily on the growth and well-being of people and the communities to which they belong. 

Students can be recommended by peers to become classroom reps. This is done in a democratic style each academic year. The rep will be expected to attend several meetings and act as the student voice. 

Learner Voice

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Student Reps

We’re sadly waiting on up-to-date information.

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