How we started

Learning4Life-GY is a new learning provider with an ambition to become registered as an Independent School for 14 – 18 year olds, and for young people who need a bespoke package of learning, supported through their Education Health and Care Plan (ECHP). North East Lincolnshire Council’s Corporate Parenting Strategy includes high quality education for all their looked after children

As a result Learning4Life-GY is providing education for young people whose first language in not English. The company has been set up with two Directors who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that quality provision is provided whilst supporting individual students to be the best they can be.


What we do

Learning4Life-Gy is confident that all students will have a rich learning programme delivered in a safe environment. All post 16 students are enrolled on a Study Programme which includes maths, English and IT. The timetable also allows for delivery of session in Personal, Social, Health and Economic.

These carefully designed schemes help students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, now and in their future. Our Careers Leader spends individual time with each and every student to ensure that they are on the right pathway for a successful future.

The Team

sara morris

Sara Morris

I have been teaching or managing education for many years now. My subject specialism was originally media production, however more recently I have taught ESOL. Teaching to students who do not understand the English language is very rewarding, and having lived in the Netherlands & Germany I can appreciate the difficulty faced when learning language.



Claire Smith
Director & Principal

I have worked in Further and Higher Education for the last 18 years as a Teacher, a Quality Manager and Curriculum Lead.  My subject specialisms are Psychology; Teaching and Learning; and Mental Health. The real drive for me however is in developing pathways into education that help to raise aspirations and support people to becoming who they strive to be regardless of their starting points.  




I am an experience teacher of maths and ICT having previously worked in local larger colleges. I have
more recently developed a passion for teaching learners who’s first language is not English (TEFL). I
certainly believe that we are all Lifelong Learners and enjoy helping others achieve their goals. I also
love baking cakes



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I have been teaching English as a second language since 1991. During this time I met a lot of amazing people in my classroom, from various walks of life, with a mixture of life experiences and a very diverse cultural background but united in their enthusiasm to learn English, to discover the British way of life and become valued members of the community.


Learning Support

Learning support is a really rewarding job which I have been doing now for just a couple of years. I was a mature student myself having spent quite a few years looking after my daughter, so can see how rewarding having the right education is. I love to see students coming out of their shell and supporting them whilst they are developing new skills. You could say my specialism is being creative. I really enjoy upcycling products which can be used again and hope that the students learn how to make something useful out of something someone was going to throw away.

Learning Support

I have been working in learning support for many years, helping in a one to one situation and more
generically supporting the whole class. When a learner develops a new skill, it is really rewarding to
know that you have been part of that process of understanding. I like sport, so always available for a
kickabout with any students who are up for it.

Ready, Respectful, Safe.